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08 October 2011 @ 09:47 pm
Take a Step to the Right  
Title: Take a Step to the Right
Author: sweet_lyri
Artist: deannawesson
Fandom: Kane RPS
Rating: R
Warning: None
Word Count: 28,000+
Beta: jesco0307 and anntarot

Summary:Everyone's in love with Spirit Boy - or at least, they're in love with his voice. As the owner and one of the presenters of KCJD Radio station, Chris Kane gets to do the thing he loves best - sing his songs - while hiding behind the on air persona he's created for himself. No one knows who Spirit Boy is - or any of the presenters at the station - and that's just how Chris likes it. But then he meets Steve, and he realizes that maybe it's time he put himself in the spotlight.

Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here